he market this weekend was in constant struggle between the bears and the bulls to control their stampede. However, it has left acceptable gains for those who have been analyzing their cyclical behavior these days.

Some traders estimate that the BTC/USD pair will be much of this week in the same fight ranging between $3,948 and $4,040 until this level is consolidated. In fact, the highest price today in some markets was $4,032.23.

The Market Cap today fell slightly to $139,956,983,154 from its final position yesterday at $140,026,705,842 The negotiated volume of the last 24h also dropped to $29,986,669,663 from the $30,429,822,637 that had been negotiated at the close yesterday. The Bitcoin (BTC) in any case, remains the crypto asset with the absolute dominance of the market with 50.6% of the market capitalization.

The section of the Altcoins today had one day almost everything down. In fact, 72% of the Tokens of the Top 100 suffered corrections and were in the Losers Zone, among which at least 4 of them call attention to surpass a simple correction: 1) Project Pai (PAI) (-5.17% ), 2) HyperCash (HC) (-6.42%), 3) Tezos (XTZ) (-7.94%), 4) REPO (REPO) (-12.94%).

While in the Winners Zone only 28% of the Top 100 Tokens were located, which we show here for analysis. 1) Polymath (POLY) $0.142212 TRAD.VOL.24H-$90,115,850 (+41.59%), 2) ABBC Coin (ABBC) $0.228733 TRAD.VOL.24H-$38,649,874 (+22.58%), 3) Binance Coin (BNB) $17.29 TRAD.VOL.24H-$321,957,955 (+14.34%), 4) KuCoin Shares (KCS) $1.26 TRAD.VOL.24H-$5,980,996 (+14.17%), 5) Power Ledger (POWR) $0.118065 TRAD.VOL.24H-$13,162,318 (+11.95%), 6) 0x (ZRX) $0.284154 TRAD.VOL.24H-$30,639,611 (+5.54%), 7) Maximine Coin (MXM) $0.074403 TRAD.VOL.24H-$12,557,959 (+3.61%), 8) Huobi Token (HT) $2.53 TRAD.VOL.24H-$87,012,344 (+3.41%), 9) Steem (STEEM) $0.483930 TRAD.VOL.24H-$4,741,830 (+3.19%), 10) aelf (ELF) $0.177459 TRAD.VOL.24H-$8,017,743 (+3.07%), 11) Decentraland (MANA) $0.051828 TRAD.VOL.24H-$5,318,208 (+2.91%), 12) Basic Attention Token (BAT) $0.208277 TRAD.VOL.24H-$24,609,367 (+2.89%), 13) Ardor (ARDR) $0.072441 TRAD.VOL.24H-$1,261,003 (+2.65%), 14) PIVX (PIVX) $0.861353 TRAD.VOL.24H-$904,904 (+2.48%), 15) Komodo (KMD) $1.08 TRAD.VOL.24H-$948,495 (+2.15%), 16) Stratis (STRAT) $0.926320 TRAD.VOL.24H-$2,608,659 (+1.98%), 17) Golem (GNT) $0.079665 TRAD.VOL.24H-$1,521,989 (+1.44%), 18) Factom (FCT) $6.29 TRAD.VOL.24H-$32,370 (+1.40%), 19) ICON (ICX) $0.330525 TRAD.VOL.24H-$26,050,585 (+1.37%), 20) Zilliqa (ZIL) $0.020176 TRAD.VOL.24H-$16,778,063 (+1.00%), 21) Insight Chain (INB) $0.222713 TRAD.VOL.24H-$3,198,589 (+0.99%), 22) Lisk (LSK) $1.53 TRAD.VOL.24H-$4,625,416 (+0.93%), 23) Digitex Futures (DGTX) $0.072220 TRAD.VOL.24H-$769,295 (+0.92%), 24) Nebulas (NAS) $0.947422 TRAD.VOL.24H-$7,105,631 (+0.90%), 25) Dai (DAI) $0.990321 TRAD.VOL.24H-$38,461,293 (+0.26%), 26) Mixin (XIN) $145.75 TRAD.VOL.24H-$418,728 (+0.22%), 27) Gemini Dollar (GUSD) $1.01 TRAD.VOL.24H-$4,340,833 (+0.05%) and 28) Dash (DASH) $92.49 TRAD.VOL.24H-$275,288,593 (+0.01%).

It is possible that this week we continue observing the same level of resistance that we have observed these days, but certainly before the end of the month we will be able to see the market surpass towards $4,000.

In any case, you have to be prepared because for many the market could fall into a bearish seizure, but for others this will not be possible since the Bitcoin will start trading higher this year. In any case, you have to keep a close eye on the market sentiment and its behavior, so the best option is to visit and trade in Asian markets. Go into Bithumb.comπŸ‘€.

Happy Trading πŸ‘.

“The value of crypto assets is defined by market forces. The supply and demand in the different markets in the world, determine their quotation.”

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