he market today underwent a great fall in general that at first it was glimpsed as a simple correction but that in the end it worried more than one Trader.

In fact, the market was up with the BTC/USD pair and in some markets it was quoted at $4,097.36 but after almost touching the level of $4,100 it came in a tailspin. However, not all was bad news, because just as the market fell, it regained its confidence and began to climb again to reach some markets above $4,036.88, although it started to move again within a correction zone.

The Market Cap on this day fell to $139,144,694,573 from the $141,312,433,035 in which it was quoted at the close yesterday. The volume negotiated in the last 24h reached up to $35,193,608,037 from the $33,595,994,000 in which it was quoted on Wednesday. However, Bitcoin (BTC) continues to dominate the crypto assets market with 51.0%.

The market of the Altcoins suffered with the behavior of the day, dragging 83% of the Tokens of the Top 100 towards the Losers Zone of which, the following 11 Tokens surpass the level of simple correction: 1) THETA (THETA) (-5.02%), 2) Crypto.com Chain (CRO) (-5.14%), 3) WAX (WAX) (-5.22%), 4) Stratis (STRAT) (-5.61%), 5) Komodo (KMD) (-5.66%), 6) DigiByte (DGB) (-5.83%), 7) ICON (ICX) (-6.26%), 8) Nexo (NEXO) (-7.11%), 9) Electroneum (ETN) (-7.34%), 10) GXChain (GXC) (-7.36%) and 11) Huobi Token (HT) (-8.05%).

On the other hand, the Tokens of the Top 100 within the Winners Zone just arrived today at 17%, so today we bring them in our usual list of winners: 1) Tezos (XTZ) $0.800963 TRAD.VOL.24H-$11,794,295 (+23.22%), 2) Ravencoin (RVN) $0.047375 TRAD.VOL.24H-$85,434,465 (+12.47%), 3) Maximine Coin (MXM) $0.057372 TRAD.VOL.24H-$8,706,308 (+11.14%), 4) Aurora (AOA) $0.014781 TRAD.VOL.24H-$2,088,741 (+8.21%), 5) Enjin Coin (ENJ) $0.193651 TRAD.VOL.24H-$34,655,066 (+3.94%), 6) Ethereum Classic (ETC) $4.86 TRAD.VOL.24H-$327,774,700 (+3.89%), 7) IOST (IOST) $0.008932 TRAD.VOL.24H-$62,800,673 (+3.65%), 8) Loom Network (LOOM) $0.073766 TRAD.VOL.24H-$15,609,753 (+3.34%), 9) IOTA (MIOTA) $0.308600 TRAD.VOL.24H-$30,434,781 (+2.96%), 10) Kyber Network (KNC) $0.268551 TRAD.VOL.24H-$13,748,886 (+2.51%), 11) Bytom (BTM) $0.110469 TRAD.VOL.24H-$7,922,304 (+1.30%), 12) QASH (QASH) $0.154614 TRAD.VOL.24H-$330,736 (+1.21%), 13) Maker (MKR) $715.69 TRAD.VOL.24H-$3,716,237 (+0.75%), 14) REPO (REPO) $0.644762 TRAD.VOL.24H-$48,312 (+0.38%), 15) Tether (USDT) $1.01 TRAD.VOL.24H-$9,804,663,481 (+0.15%), 16) KuCoin Shares (KCS) $1.09 TRAD.VOL.24H-$6,321,513 (+0.09%) and 17) USD Coin (USDC) $1.01 TRAD.VOL.24H-$42,076,764 (+0.07%).

Yesterday we warned that corrections could come and that you had to have the STOP LOSS properly configured and this in the coming days will be vital, given that the level of $4,000 is just in the process of consolidating.

Likewise, we have been pointing out for weeks, it is necessary to know the market sentiment and there is no better place to do it than the exchanges of the Asian markets. Therefore, those who want to be aware of the signals that the markets give, we invite you to connect to any exchange in that area of the world. Visit and have Trading in Bithumb.comπŸ‘€.

Happy Trading without fearπŸ’ͺπŸ˜‰.

“Bitcoin is, ….. an improved version of gold.”

Suren Ter 😎