ell the market has had a series of corrections in several of its Tokens, which are normal and do not worry because they are absolutely normal.

Today’s transcendent news is that the BTC/USD pair came to be quoted in some markets at up to $4,077.04, which of course continues to attract the attention of traders and investors for good prospects that will be noticed in the medium and long term.

The Market Cap during this day has reached $138,985,053,584 showing a slight decrease compared to yesterday’s close when it stood at $139,062,002,146. On the other hand, the negotiated volume of the last 24h reached $31,373,013,984, an amount slightly higher than the $31,074,058,198 recorded at the close of yesterday. Bitcoin (BTC) remains the most important cryptocurrency market with 50.8% of the total MC.

The Altcoins, as we mentioned before, mostly presented corrections (variations less than 5%) that are quite normal. Except for 5 Tokenslosers” of the Top 100 with variations to the drop that are not simple corrections as it is the case of: Augur (REP) (-5.40%), Aurora (AOA) (-5.65%), Project Pai (PAI) (- 5.69%), Digitex Futures (DGTX) (-5.97%), Enjin Coin (ENJ) (-6.19%) and Crypto.com Chain (CRO) (-22.92%).

As for the “winningAltcoins, we present the Top 28: 1) Ormeus Coin (ORME) $1.17 TRAD.VOL.24H-$1,331,903 (+26.41%), 2) Tezos (XTZ) $0.491900 TRAD.VOL.24H-$6,701,359 (+8.49%), 3) Maximine Coin (MXM) $0.037267 TRAD.VOL.24H-$2,817,999 (+6.68%), 4) ABBC Coin (ABBC) $0.368115 TRAD.VOL.24H-$36,265,950 (+5.91%), 5) ThoreCoin (THR) $553.32 TRAD.VOL.24H-$101,004 (+5.72%), 6) REPO (REPO) $0.663267 TRAD.VOL.24H-$63,511 (+4.24%), 7) Binance Coin (BNB) $15.74 TRAD.VOL.24H-$144,539,083 (+4.14%), 8) Holo (HOT) $0.001234 TRAD.VOL.24H-$17,896,697 (+3.37%), 9) Revain (R) $0.140754 TRAD.VOL.24H-$252,473 (+2.98%), 10) Electroneum (ETN) $0.006514 TRAD.VOL.24H-$454,008 (+1.89%), 11) Zcoin (XZC) $6.83 TRAD.VOL.24H-$1,507,015 (+1.53%), 12) Ravencoin (RVN) $0.027720 TRAD.VOL.24H-$5,753,134 (+1.37%), 13) BitTorrent (BTT) $0.000775 TRAD.VOL.24H-$35,054,280 (+1.35%), 14) MaidSafeCoin (MAID) $0.125440 TRAD.VOL.24H-$262,947 (+0.96%), 15) Cryptonex (CNX) $1.15 TRAD.VOL.24H-$6,042,793 (+0.94%), 16) Qubitica (QBIT) $18.00 TRAD.VOL.24H-$85,092 (+0.91%), 17) DigiByte (DGB) $0.014432 TRAD.VOL.24H-$1,026,000 (+0.90%), 18) Ontology (ONT) $1.05 TRAD.VOL.24H-$58,638,984 (+0.90%), 19) Mixin (XIN) $151.33 TRAD.VOL.24H-$404,575 (+0.80%), 20) Waltonchain (WTC) $1.31 TRAD.VOL.24H-$4,685,000 (+0.71%), 21) Maker (MKR) $690.90 TRAD.VOL.24H-$1,413,931 (+0.68%), 22) Bitcoin (BTC) $4,014.28 TRAD.VOL.24H-$9,475,971,029 (+0.58%), 23) Dogecoin (DOGE) $0.002061 TRAD.VOL.24H-$16,938,628 (+0.53%), 24) Insight Chain (INB) $0.274314 TRAD.VOL.24H-$3,467,041 (+0.37%), 25) Tether (USDT) $1.01 TRAD.VOL.24H-$8,872,746,611 (+0.30%), 26) Pundi X (NPXS) $0.000657 TRAD.VOL.24H-$2,407,671 (+0.23%), 27) TrueUSD (TUSD) $1.02 TRAD.VOL.24H-$54,037,571 (+0.15%) and 28) Zcash (ZEC) $54.27 TRAD.VOL.24H-$88,432,723 (+0.08%).

The recommendation is to stay in the Trading, perhaps we see new corrections but if we despair we can do Trading in a bull market that we can this week that comes riding the $4,000 definitely.

As we always say at the end, it is best to follow the crypto market in the Asian markets to know the true market sentiment. Visit and have Trading in Bithumb.com.

Happy Trading πŸ€‘.

It is not a speculative investment even if it is used as such by some people. As long as the bitcoin network continues to grow, the value of the currency also increases. While people migrate to bitcoin to pay and collect, they will stop using dollars, euros and yuan, which will eventually devalue these currencies.”

Eric SchmidtΒ πŸ‘