s we have been saying these days, the market presents a strong upward trend but there is still a way to go before the jump to $4,000 can be made.

The Market Cap on this day reached $134,337,464,309, slightly more than the $133,966,493,277 registered yesterday. The negotiated volume of the last 24 hours was at $30,024,811,269 an amount very similar to the one registered yesterday when it closed at $30,394,119,256. In this scenario, Bitcoin (BTC) continues to dominate the market of crypto assets with 51.2%, trends that some already venture to point out will be reversed when Facebook launches its Token.

The performance of the Altcoins in the day has not been what everyone expected, since 60% of the Top 100 registered a partial setback, but that has undoubtedly been used by the Traders to buy Tokens for their portfolio. On the other hand, it is surprising to see Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) at the top of today’s Top 30: 1) Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) $0.910593 TRAD.VOL.24H-$17,330,377 (+16.68%), 2) WAX (WAX) $0.059253 TRAD.VOL.24H-$5,606,817 (+16.46%), 3) Komodo (KMD) $1.08 TRAD.VOL.24H-$44,147,334 (+16.04%), 4) KuCoin Shares (KCS) $0.725319 TRAD.VOL.24H-$2,377,422 (+15.61%), 5) Electroneum (ETN) $0.006637 TRAD.VOL.24H-$734,732 (+13.87%), 6) Crypto.com Chain (CRO) $0.060095 TRAD.VOL.24H-$398,003 (+10.67%), 7) Digitex Futures (DGTX) $0.073108 TRAD.VOL.24H-$2,146,431 (+10.00%), 8) PIVX (PIVX) $0.889684 TRAD.VOL.24H-$8,328,505 (+8.62%), 9) Insight Chain (INB) $0.300110 TRAD.VOL.24H-$3,314,200 (+7.13%), 10) GXChain (GXC) $1.00 TRAD.VOL.24H-$14,464,619 (+7.08%), 11) HyperCash (HC) $1.33 TRAD.VOL.24H-$9,369,006 (+6.09%), 12) QASH (QASH) $0.161974 TRAD.VOL.24H-$452,946 (+5.21%), 13) Nexo (NEXO) $0.084324 TRAD.VOL.24H-$9,052,599 (+5.01%), 14) Ark (ARK) $0.644693 TRAD.VOL.24H-$8,207,142 (+4.92%), 15) Wanchain (WAN) $0.444516 TRAD.VOL.24H-$7,854,134 (+4.83%), 16) ThoreCoin (THR) $492.44 TRAD.VOL.24H-$57,633 (+4.83%), 17) Ontology (ONT) $1.02 TRAD.VOL.24H-$93,593,555 (+4.25%), 18) Ardor (ARDR) $0.066245 TRAD.VOL.24H-$5,885,297 (+3.49%), 19) THETA (THETA) $0.129617 TRAD.VOL.24H-$17,590,979 (+2.82%), 20) Stellar (XLM) $0.107732 TRAD.VOL.24H-$158,801,867 (+2.68%), 21) Zilliqa (ZIL) $0.018381 TRAD.VOL.24H-$17,868,943 (+2.18%), 22) MaidSafeCoin (MAID) $0.121024 TRAD.VOL.24H-$303,541 (+2.15%), 23) REPO (REPO) $0.636560 TRAD.VOL.24H-$64,766 (+1.89%), 24) Maximine Coin (MXM) $0.033335 TRAD.VOL.24H-$4,326,356 (+1.82%), 25) Crypto.com (MCO) $2.99 TRAD.VOL.24H-$2,986,450 (+1.67%), 26) Cryptonex (CNX) $1.13 TRAD.VOL.24H-$6,111,713 (+1.63%), 27) Aion (AION) $0.146483 TRAD.VOL.24H-$3,205,038 (+1.62%), 28) Factom (FCT) $6.58 TRAD.VOL.24H-$115,811 (+1.54%), 29) Loom Network (LOOM) $0.064928 TRAD.VOL.24H-$5,236,546 (+1.54%) and 30) Monero (XMR) $52.13 TRAD.VOL.24H-$53,243,049 (+1.28%).

Without a doubt, the market right now represents an opportunity for all. Those who buy now and position themselves will have a portfolio of important crypto assets in the medium and long term to guarantee large profits.

In fact, right now we can see how a lot of companies of all kinds are investing in projects related to Blockchain and the development of cryptocurrencies, which is undoubtedly a sign that this sector is generating great interest on the part of large investors of more traditional markets.

Therefore, we insist that the time to invest in the market is now, since it is only a matter of time before the price of all the crypto assets begin to react to the upside with a greater investment and a greater number of developments related to the sector.

As always, our recommendation is to look at the Asian market, there you can measure the pulse of the market by giving us clues to where it is going. Therefore, visit and have Trading in Bithumb.com.

Happy Trading πŸ‘.

“I am very intrigued by bitcoin. It has all the signs: a paradigm shift, hackers love, but is ridiculed as a toy, like microcomputers.”

Paul Graham 😏