ight now the market is pleasantly surprised some Traders after a few hours ago the BTC/USD pair reached $3,906.50 in some markets.

Certainly the market is experiencing an interesting moment with the departure of new financial products adapted to the reality of cryptocurrencies increasingly present in our daily lives.

In fact, the main Swiss stock exchange, SIX Swiss Exchange, yesterday launched a stock trading product (ETP) based on Ethereum (ETH).

This new financial product is backed by the Swiss company Amun AG (one of the most important in the world), and will be listed under the AETH index.

This is a sign that the traditional financial world does not intend to abandon the crypto assets market despite the bearish pressures of the past months.

Projects based on Intelligent Contracts are the basis of the future of technology today. Look for a few of these Tokens in your portfolio, as long as they have a solid project backing.