aturday has undoubtedly been one of the best days of the week. The trading moved quite to the point that many passionate traders suspended the usual plans and were locked in the house pending the market graphs and the numbers that did not stop rising.

However, by looking closely at the market you can see that there has been a rebalancing of portfolios which is especially observed in purchases. Also the volume of the market grew with respect to Friday which was what motivated all this movement of the market.

Let’s hope that today, Sunday, we have an equally moving day. BTC, ETH, XRP struggling to climb, DASH, STELLAR, Monetha, QuarkChain, BTG, with good performance, NEM fell a bit but it looks like it’s going up, besides the NEM project is solid and quite important.

We will see as follows this special weekend for trading.

Happy trading for all !!!

Rebalancing portfolios is an indispensable task to mitigate losses and allows trading to concentrate on what is important.