oday Friday is the continuation of the sad story of yesterday, as the markets continue to show strong corrections despite the fact that there has been a considerable increase in the movement of the Market Cap.

This weekend it does not seem that the market is going to give surprises. It is estimated that the values that are at their minimum for now have reached the level of support to begin the climb again early next week.

As we said yesterday, Christmas has already entered most countries and this leads to an increase in spending at all levels, which usually directly affects the cryptocurrency trading.

For now it’s Friday night, and it’s time to rest from a busy day this week. Those who bet on Ripple, Zcash, Ethereum Classic, Stellar, Monetha, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, among others have the free way to do trades since these tokens in their markets are behaving well.

Happy Friday and good luck !!!!

Trading is passionately deadly, if you suffer from nerves do not incursions in this business.